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Having worked in the public relations sector for over 20 years, mediapool is well placed to help deliver both your pull and push digital media.  Whether it be a Google search, e-newsletter or Facebook, these "pull" channels can all benefit from the inclusion of a short viral video or information film.
Mediapool can help with your "push" digital media channels too, such as broadcast news or Twitter. We produce and deliver content like Multi Media News Releases (MMNRs), Video News Releases (VNRs) and B-Roll in fast turnaround times. This can be made available to broadcast journalists anywhere in the world and increase your content's reach.
mediapool public relations video - building site
Broadcast Correspondents
Mediapool works with some of the most respected television news correspondents and journalists in the industry. Using their knowledge and contacts, we can produce MMNRs, VNRs and B-Rolls for use in public relations news stories that are more likely to be used by the major broadcasters.
Versatile Crews
As well as press calls and product launches, we are used to filming in varied and, sometimes, quite demanding locations. Over the years, we have filmed in airports, building sites, trackside, large public events, factories, hospitals and even the Olympics.  When it comes to helping contributors appear in front of a camera, we ensure that those taking part are comfortable with the process.
Media Relations

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Alerting broadcast journalists and news editors to the distribution of your MMNR or VNR, is crucial to its successful coverage. Our multilingual media relations team, has contacts in broadcast newsrooms across Europe and the rest of the World. This enables us to quickly target and release your stories for maximum reach and impact.
Professional Service
Mediapool not only offers a professional service second to none, we are also competitive on price and deliver fast turnaround times thanks to our extensive in-house production and post-production resources. These facilities include; four HD broadcast camera kits, two mobile Avid edit suites, a vision mixer, a mobile green screen, motion graphics design tools and a sound booth for recording commentary.
Whether it's a public information film or viral video, a conference promo or a film to promote a new service launch, we can help you make cost effective, quality media for a wide range of uses.


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If you have a project you would like to discuss, then please feel free to get in touch with us for more information. 
Our public relations projects contact is Andrew Herring:
Tel: 020 7785 7020